Good health is good quality of life. Take control.

Good health is good quality of life. Take control.

Benefits of HOMe® Program

Vivacite Center for Scientific Wellness is one of the country's pioneers in a new branch of preventive medicine (HOMe®) that focuses on cellular balancing to prevent disease, hasten healing, and helping you achieve optimum health.

Improve performance

Address allergies and autoimmune conditions

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Deal with anxiety and depression

Delay aging and maintain beauty

Improve digestive health

Deal with hormonal imbalances

Be at your best health at any age

We help you take control of your health.

At Vivacité Center for Scientific Wellness, Health Optimization Medicine is our practice.

We use cutting-edge science to assess the entirety of the person’s state of health
from the cellular level and customize interventions that harness
and maximize the body’s natural healing processes
to achieve a person’s health potential.

We use customized nutritional and bioidentical hormonal interventions to prevent potential problems that may arise from imbalances in the body.

By helping you achieve your health potential naturally, you get to enjoy a better quality of life.

After all, what is there to live for if you're not functioning at 100%?

Our Specialties

Pregnancy and Infertility Care - Nutritional Assessment and customized protocol

General Nutritional Assessments (ages 18 y.o. and above for both males & females)

Hormonal Assessment (ages 18 y.o. and above for both males & females)

Holistic Aesthetics (Face and Body) and Aesthetic Gynecology

Dr. Lucas-Acevedo is a fellow of the Philippine Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and is a senior member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology. She is a practitioner of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe) and seeks to improve the overall wellness of her clients through her specialized services. She became board certified in Brussels in both Nutritional Medicine (Distinction) and Anti-Aging Medicine (Distinction). Moreover, she is a fellow of the Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (USA).

Dr. Lucas- Acevedo is an advocate of complete fitness as seen in her form and countenance, and considers the optimization of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of her patients as her goals. To this end, she founded Vivacité Center for Scientific Wellness.

Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo, MD, FPOGS

Hear what our patients have to say!

Dra. Acevedo was very thorough. She explained the procedures well and I felt well taken care of during the treatment. She was present even while her nurses were administering the procedure and were still there to chat after the procedure and even walked me out the door.

- Jocelyn Jimenez

We consulted Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo in hopes of finding a way to transform my morose son into a normal teenager. At the time of our first consultation, my son had no appetite, he did not want to talk nor show affection. He would not even hug us.
After undergoing the Health Optimization Medicine program, we witnessed a dramatic change in him. Despite being locked at home due to the pandemic, he was able to cultivate friends. He became driven, more focused on his studies and we saw a newfound confidence in him. But most importantly, he is now expressive - he now says “I love you Mom!” and that really warms my heart.

- Anonymous

I consulted with Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo for my different ailments - I had anxiety, I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Dr. Acevedo didn't just run tests and prescribe medicines for me; she also gave insights on how to improve and maintain my overall health for the long-term. She helped me understand how different systems in the body work together to contribute to how we function, which eventually led me to pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

I can happily say that the different ailments I've been dealing with—from anxiety to PCOS—are in control now and I'm much more confident in taking care of my mind and body thanks to her.

- Anonymous

I have been suffering from symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux for a number of years, and battling with weight gain.

I went to Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo because I was always on proton-pump inhibitors and antacids. She put me on a regimen of basic gut nutrients and advised me to walk everyday. After following her advise, I was able to get off the meds, lost and kept off unwanted weight (I used to be 160 lbs now stable at 142 lbs) and now walk 10,000 steps a day!

- Anonymous

My wife and I are both middle-aged entrepreneurs and we are both very busy. I already had heart surgery and wanted to take care of myself better. My cardiologist advised me to take it easy and not do strenuous activities. A doctor-friend recommended Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo in helping me take better care of my health. Our whole family decided to try her services.
On our first consultation, Dr. Cenia interviewed each one of us - she asked us what our health goals were and health-related issues we wanted to get help with. She also evaluated each of our body types. Next, we underwent blood extraction for the Metabolomics Tests.
After analyzing the results of our tests and evaluations, each one of us was advised on what we needed to improve upon. We realized that some food we thought were healthy are actually either toxic or irrelevant.
We changed our food intake and exercise regimen, and religiously took the supplements based on her recommendations. We noticed that since embarking on the Health Optimization Medicine program, we rarely get sick. Our endurance was tested during the lockdown - since we had unlimited time on our hands, we would spend whole mornings for exercise but our bodies did not complain.

I could do higher intensity cardio and weight training workouts, and spend one-hour on the treadmill everyday. My wife would ask me where I was getting all that stamina. According to my wife, her body became more flexible and she could also focus better on her work. Our children also rarely get sick now.
But the best part is - our sex life its better than ever - it’s like bringing back the time when we were at our peak, when we were in our 20’s and 30’s.

- Anonymous

Professionalism and compassion – those I believe are the values Dr. Cenia Acevedo live by as a doctor. I heard about her from a friend of a friend who heard that I was desperate to find help for my son’s depression. I Googled her, liked what I read about her and called her clinic. I believe that was one of the best decisions I made my entire life. Not only did I find a very competent doctor, I also found a compassionate partner in dealing with my son’s depression. She always has time for her patients. She’s practically available 24/7 and there’s never a question too stupid for her to answer. Sessions with her are amazing because of how she explains everything to you. I’ve seen so many doctors who are either too lazy to answer your questions and think that their time is more precious than yours or who try too hard to sound very scientific lest you forget they have an MD degree. Dr. Acevedo answers all your questions and is very willing to re-explain things you miss. And when you’re scheduled for an appointment, she is always prompt and is always prepared for the session. I love describing her as “a mother who happens to be a doctor” because of her warmth and compassion. She truly is one of my family’s biggest blessings!

- Anonymous

I have been a patient of Dra. Acevedo for almost a year now and she has been my number one health and wellness advocate ever since. She introduced me to a world that does not focus on treating disease but treating its source to prevent and heal it. She makes you understand the connection of mind, body and spirit and takes care of your well being as a whole. The tests, the supplements, the change in lifestyle and the diet, that were all new to me and which I did not believe were essential at first, are the ones that lead me to a healthier, better version of me. She goes through the whole process with you, works with you, and is with you through this journey of self care and discovery. I am so blessed and grateful to have her on my side as I continue on this path to health, healing and well being.

- Bambi Bagatsing

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