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Dr. Ted Achacoso is the founding pioneer of the clinical practice of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe/HOPe). 

He was mentored by the founding pioneer of Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, Thierry Hertoghe is Double Board-Certified in Paris, mentored by the founding pioneer of Medical Informatics and research scientist in Artificial Intelligence, William S. Yamamoto (Washington, DC), mentored by the founding pioneer of Socially Responsible Investing and Finance (now called Impact Investing), D. Wayne Silby (Washington, DC), and mentored by the country pioneers of Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology, and Pharmacology/Toxicology (Manila).

His representative body of work includes a book containing the first ever neural circuitry database (“connectome”) for an organism, journal articles, US patents, software, grants, and recorded interviews, webcasts, and speaking engagements in the areas of: 

Artificial ethology, computational neuroethology (terms he coined), biomathematical modeling of nervous systems, and computability of consciousness

Medical informatics, medical decision-making, connectionist systems (neural networks, now called deep learning), and expert systems

Computer-assisted imaging, edge detection algorithms, and telehealth

Virtual group dynamics, communication, and collaboration methods (He created the first wireless groupware)

Parallel, cluster, cloud, and distributed emergent computing

Predictive complex adaptive system modeling of financial time series

Health optimization medicine including metabolomics, epigenetics, bioenergetics, gut microbiota, exposomics, chronobiology, and evolutionary medicine.

He is based in Washington, DC, maintains a tricontinental HOMe practice (US, Europe, Asia), and performs HOMe/HOPe lecturing, mentoring, and international corporate consulting activities involving nutritional supplement formulation and the establishment of metabolomics, mitochondria, and microbiota laboratories;

Disclosure: Dr. Ted Achacoso has stated that he has no relationship(s) with a commercial interest as defined by the ACCME

The HOMe Story

Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) was founded in the Philippines by Dr. Ted Achacoso after realizing that illness medicine, in which he is trained and excels as an interventional neuroradiologist and pharmacologist, was reactive, interventional, and could benefit from an entirely different approach: one that optimized health rather than treated disease.

Over several years, he became an expert in the intricacies and power of metabolomic, gut, and hormone optimization, along with the additional pillars of what became HOMe. With the 80/20 principle in mind always, testing was key to measure and quantify but it was vital to only measure and quantify what was absolutely necessary for health. 

Dr. Achacoso constantly studied and honed the art of measuring borderline deficiencies and subtle toxicities. He then compared these values to optimal ranges using his own algorithm, via “network-wide range shifting”, moving away from illness medicine “normals” and creating optimal ranges that reflected our most resilient age range: males and females between the ages of 21 to 30. 

Academic Training and Professional Practice

Faculty Member, Neuroscience Graduate Program, George Washington University, since 1994

Senior science and biotechnology advisor Calvert Society Investment and Society Venture Funds, since 1993

Assistant Research Professor of Anatomy, George Washington University, Washington, since 1993

Assistant Research Professor Computer Medicine, George Washington University, Washington, since 1992

Visiting Assistant Professor Medical Informatics, George Washington University, Washington, 1988-1992

Clinical Assistant Professor Neurology, Philippine General Hospital, Manila, 1988

Science Research Specialist in Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology, University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Manila, 1986-1988

Neuroradiology Fellow, Makati Medical Center, Philippines, 1986-1988

Consultant, Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs, 1987-1988

Executive director Brain Foundation of Philippines, Manila, 1986-1988

Doctor of Medicine, University of the Philippines College of Medicine


Level of metabolites


Using network-wide range shifting


Using network-wide range shifting

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Room 2009 Tower 1 High Street South Corporate Plaza, 26th St. corner 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Landmark: The Finance Center, Taguig