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Dr. Ted Achacoso founded Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe®) in his home country of the Philippines after he realized that illness medicine, where he had trained and excelled as an interventional neuroradiologist and pharmacology, was reactive, interventional, and could benefit from an entirely different approach: one that optimized health instead of treated disease.

Allopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, and Functional Medicine are all “Illness Medicine” practices. They all diagnose and treat disease.

HOMe, on the other hand, simply detects and corrects imbalances applying the sciences of Clinical Metabolomics, Epigenetics, Bioenergetics, Gut Immune System, Exposomics, Chronobiology, and Evolutionary Medicine – subjects that are not currently taught in medical schools. And they also happen to be the modules of the HOMe® certification.

When the body is in balance, improved wellbeing and health follow naturally. Any disease that happens to improve by correcting imbalances is just a beneficial side effect of optimal balancing.


The HOMe® academy is a next-generation coursework platform — with novel features and cutting-edge review tools — built for you, a busy professional whose mission is to change the paradigm of health, one client at a time. Network-wide range shifting refers to the innovative approach HOMe® has developed that shifts objectively detected levels of metabolites, especially of the major hormone and nutrient networks, into the optimal ranges seen in healthy adults aged 21 to 30 or evolutionarily-derived values.


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Using network-wide range shifting


Using network-wide range shifting

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