The Science

The Science

The Science of Health Optimization Medicine

Everyday your body seeks to be in a state of balance or homeostasis.  When something threatens the balance, the body is automatically alerted to correct and heal itself.  This efficient balancing and rebalancing ensures good health.

Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) recognizes the complex interrelationships of the entire network of our organ systems in keeping us healthy.  The goal of HOMe is to ensure that the body’s ability to heal and rebalance itself is assured at the level of each person’s 37 trillion cells.

HOMe uses Metabolomics Testing to assess the person’s health from the cellular level to detect imbalances that can predispose it to disease as early as ten years before onset.

Cellular imbalances detected by tests are corrected through nutrient supplementation, hormonal balancing and lifestyle recommendations.  

Health Optimization is precise measurement and customized, individualized correction using the latest technology.

We are able to help build your overall well-being without guesswork -  so you can attain a good quality of life throughout your lifespan.


How HOMe Supports Conventional Medicine

HOMe doctors support Conventional Medicine doctors by enabling early detection of disease, early interventions to avoid further disease progression and better management of the quality of life of those living with chronic diseases and conditions.

Conventional Medicine and Health Optimization Medicine synergize to catch a sign of illness early enough, helping prevent illness from developing or progressing.

Through Metabolomics Testing, HOMe is able to determine each person’s unique nutritional and hormonal needs.  Comprehensive Nutrition and Hormonal Tests show exactly what you need to optimize your health, enabling individualized, customized correction that results to better outcomes.

Why is it important to determine nutrient and hormone status?

Nutrients are naturally used as building blocks by the body to replace cells that have been destroyed.
Many Nutrients aren't naturally produced by the body. This is where our customized supplement plans come in.
Did you know that vegetables (yes, even organically grown) nowadays have poor nutritional content due to over-farming?

Metabolomics Tests

In the HOMe program, you begin your journey by getting a snapshot of your cells and internal processes through Metabolomics Tests.

All tests are taken either via a blood or stool sample, collected at your home by a trained medical technologist COVID- tested for your safety.


Nutritional Tests


Nutritional status is the state of a person’s physiological well-being - your nutrient requirements, how much you take in and the ability of your body to digest, absorb and use these nutrients.

The quality, freshness and amount of the food you eat, the quality of your digestive system to absorb these nutrients and the amount of nutrients your body needs all affect your nutritional status.

Subtle nutritional imbalances left uncorrected may eventually lead to disease.  Nutritional insufficiencies start manifesting themselves at the cellular level - way before you can feel it.

Through our nutrition tests, we can identify your body’s unique nutritional needs.  We can identify hundreds of areas impacted by poor nutrition, and imbalances that can lead to disease - way before standard laboratory tests can detect them.

Our tests can also show the impact of environmental toxins on your body and how well your body is able to neutralize them.

All it takes is a blood sample.




GI Effects Test


Your gut microbiome is the the village of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi that live in your gastrointestinal tract. They are beneficial to the maintenance of health - maintaining your good mood, bringing down your anxiety levels, getting a restful sleep and most of all, a strong immune system.

Gut imbalances give rise to food allergies and intolerances, maldigestion, bloating, chronic constipation or diarrhea.

Our comprehensive GI Effects Stool Test measures the health of your gut microbiome, your digestion and level of gut inflammation - to help you achieve and maintain a healthy gut.








Hormone Tests


The endocrine glands secrete microscopic amounts of hormones into our body - all in perfect quantities and in perfect balance. 

Different hormones play different roles in the body - for growth and development, metabolism of food, regulation of mood and for reproductive growth and health.  

Even the tiniest amount of over and under-secretion of hormones can trigger various diseases. 

Unexplained weight changes, darkening of the skin, hair loss, dry skin, and anxiety can be signals that your hormones need re-balancing.

The only way to know is through Hormone Tests that measures over 30 different hormones in your body - inclusive of an Inflammation Panel and a Cancer Screens Panel


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