The Science

The Science

Here at Vivacite, we literally go deeper than the surface of an illness. In fact, we try our best to prevent illness of disease to even take place. Compared to other clinics, we use the latest technology to peer within the cells themselves to measure the levels of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids, fats and ketones, among many other substances that dictate the inner workings of the cells.


Many “Illness doctors” have been traditionally trained to test organs for any problems. We, on the other hand, take a closer look at your health via a deeper understanding of your cells. By directly diagnosing your cells, we are able to accurately personalize a customized nutritional and supplement plan that will bring you back to your most balanced you.


When the body is in balance, you’ll notice an improved state of well-being and naturally-occurring sense of healthiness. Any disease that happens to improve by correcting imbalances is a beneficial side effect of optimal balancing.

Why is it important to determine nutrient and hormone status?

Nutrients are naturally used as building blocks by the body to replace cells that have been destroyed.
Many Nutrients aren't naturally produced by the body. This is where our customized supplement plans come in.
Did you know that vegetables (yes, even organically grown) nowadays have poor nutritional content due to over-farming?

Today's technology has finally enabled us to determine objectively what specific nutrients and hormones we actually lack. These tests are called METABOLOMIC TESTS (hormone and nutrient tests). These tests determine exactly how our lifestyles are affecting the health of our individual cells, which in turn determine our overall health.


No two people are alike. Because each of us have very different lifestyles and genetics, everyone’s hormone and nutritional deficits are uniquely different from one another. Metabolomic tests detect what each of our specific deficiencies and toxicities are.

Like standard conventional lab tests, Vivacite uses these metabolomic tests and creates a customized-dose nutrition and hormone protocol uniquely based only for your own needs You could say this is precision medicine.

Allow us to take the guesswork out of the equation with a metabolomics test today!

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